7. Child's Health & Well-Being

At Melodies preschool our motto is: “Your child comes to preschool to learn, not to get sick”. We do our absolute best to ensure Melodies Preschool is a healthy environment to learn. We are well known for our healthy environment and have wonderful families that adhere to our policies and keep children at home if they are unwell.

Healthy Eating

Peter Rabbit Challenge. To promote healthy eating we have a Peter Rabbit Challenge if children eat 3+ servings of fruit or vegetables per day they are chosen to take Peter Rabbit home for the evening. We also encourage whole foods and discourage sugar laden, processed foods. We also hold the Healthy Heart Award.

High Grade Water Filter

Since the earthquakes water quality has never been the same. The Edel Wasser Filter is the only domestic filter that will filter everything including parasites, bacteria and nitrates. Since installing the water filter we have seen a dramatic reduction in gastro type illnesses among children and staff, and the fewer chemicals your child consumes the better for their long term health.

Doterra Air Purifier Diffuser

Lemon juice, is a well-known cleaning agent right? Well nature has also provided us with other useful plants to help keep us healthy and strong. Dottera On Guard essential oil blend purifies the air to ensure a healthy environment for your child. Since installing the Dottera air purifying diffuser we have been amazed by the dramatic decrease in absences due to illness and the children’s health has dramatically improved.

Clean play environment

The teachers and cleaners take great pride in providing an environment that is clean and safe. Hand washing before kai times and after toileting is closely monitored. Toilets are sanitised throughout the day. Toys and surfaces are cleaned weekly or more frequently when required. Prevention is the best cure.

BPA free drink bottles

When your child enrols we will provide them with a high quality commercial grade stainless steel drink bottle High grade stainless steel drink bottles ensure your child only consumes pure water.