8. Values and Expectations

Call us old fashioned but we think it is important to teach children values such as Respect, Independence and Acceptance.


Respect for themselves, others, the environment and toys and resources in which they play with. Children are encouraged to work as a team to tidy up at the end of sessions which develops a great sense of camaraderie. Children respect the indoor environment by taking muddy shoes off at the door. Children also respect that Kai time is a quiet time to eat and chat with their friends. Children are taught to respect others ideas, space and words.


Children love learning to do things for themselves. Because of our low child to teacher ratio, teachers have the time and space to support and teach children to learn independent skills. This in turn allows the child to gain a great sense of belonging and eliminates frustration, tantrums
and aggression.


No two children are alike, children are taught to be kind and caring to all their friends and accept their differences. We embrace children with special needs and families from all cultures. In turn children enjoy learning to play and communicate with each other and learn from each other.
Busy children are content children.

If a child is in a safe nurturing environment where they know the boundaries and expectations of appropriate behaviour they are then able to be involved in challenging stimulating activities and meaningful play. Our low child to teacher ratios allow teachers to have the time and space to support children to manage their behaviour. Children learn to problem solve, make the right choices and resolve conflict among peers in a positive way and be socially competent learners.