2. Specialised Music & Dance Sessions Using the Carl Orff Approach

Music is a huge part of a child’s development and is also a wonderful vehicle for other learning to take place such as, building confidence, developing language, friendships and team work as well as physical movement skills and creativity. Music also helps develop your child’s brain in readiness to read, write, process information and be a critical thinker.

The Carl Orff Approach

The Carl Orff approach to teach music and dance is a child centred approach where children learn to create and improvise through listening, moving, playing and singing. Every day your child will enjoy a music and dance session taken by a specialist music teacher. During the year children showcase their performing arts skills in a concert on stage at the Lincoln Event Centre.

The children choose and create the songs, dances and make props for the stage. They dress-up and perform all their favourite songs, dances and play their favourite tunes. It is a wonderful night enjoyed by all.