6. Specialised Indoor & Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Area

The outdoor environment has been specifically designed for your child’s creativity and physical development. We have kept static (fixed in permanent position) play equipment to a minimum as this does not encourage creativity or extend children’s physical needs and demands.

The Melodies Preschool outdoor environment is a natural area where children can roll down the grassy hill, tend to the vegetable garden, create obstacle courses, build huts and camping grounds, create volcanoes in the sandpit or build bird houses at the wood work table. The children often use equipment in a range of different ways and the outdoor area is never the same two days in a row. We also love to use the large asphalt carpark area, to kick balls, run, scoot, and play especially on wet days. There is always plenty of space and activities to keep your child physically active outside.

Indoor area

The indoor area has been specifically designed to allow a range of learning opportunities to take place at any one time. It allows children to learn and play whatever their mood, interest or age and become fully engaged in their play.

We have a large specialised music room that the children have access to all day. The children also enjoy gym and Smart Step activities in this room, and it is a great space for children to be active. We also have two play areas and an art room. The art room doubles as a School Time room in the afternoon, allowing the older children to extend their interests in literacy and numeracy, carry out experiments and have wonderful inquiry learning discussions.

The indoor area is also a great space during wet days as there is a space for any child whatever their mood whether it be a quiet story in the library corner, getting creative in the art room or moving and grooving in the music room. We also create a peaceful sleep area for those children who enjoy afternoon naps. Children often sleep better at Melodies than they do at home.