3. Gill Connell's Smart Steps Programme

Owner of Melodies Preschool Abbey Mackenzie was a passionate Junior Primary school teacher that also taught music. Ten years ago while overseas she worked as a nanny for children aged from 3 months to 11 years. During her work she experimented with music and Gill Connell’s Moving to Learn theory and activities and watched as the learning unfolded before her very eyes.

When she returned home to a Primary School setting she became increasingly alarmed at how many children were beginning school and even making it to Year 5 without having fully developed the physical milestones in order to learn.

By year 5 it is almost too late and these children will almost always find learning difficult. She set up Melodies Preschool and developed a programme that merges music and movement seamlessly to provide children the opportunities they need to develop their brain through physical movement so that when they transition to school they are able to process information, hold a pencil, sit still and retain information, follow instructions, think critically, problem solve and be confident learners.

Children are having fun, exploring and playing at Melodies, but they are also learning and experiencing to become well rounded learners.