Readiness for School

Melodies Preschool offers activities and opportunities for your child to develop their knowledge of literacy and numeracy.  We use poems, chants, songs and stories as well as everyday activities to allow your child to make the connection between written symbols and their value and meaning.

Our school readiness programme includes specific activities and games where children develop the vital skills needed for the best start in the classroom.

Science and Technology

As well as action packed days and sessions full of music, dance, drama and art children are also immersed in the wonderful facts, experiences, sights and smells that Science and Technology have to offer.  The playground has been designed with a ‘nature’ and ‘hands-on’ approach in mind.  Children can explore nature and the concepts of growth and life within the garden. The technology table has plenty of real tools, equipment and resources where children can build, design and problem solve their own creations, building on their imagination.

Through music we explore science phenomenon with chants and stories, stretching the child’s interests into artworks, theatre, dance and wherever possible, real life experiences.