Arts Programme

Music, Dance and Drama

Hearing is one of the first senses your child develops and they are able to hear while in the womb. Their mother’s heartbeat is the first rhythm they hear and feel. Music and sound is a natural platform for a baby and child to learn from. It’s easy, imaginative, creative and fun.

Through musically rich experiences based on the Carl Orff Approach of teaching music, dance and drama, children at Melodies will develop verbal, perceptual, numeric, spatial and motor skills. All music sessions are hands on where children sing, play, dance, and act out rhymes, chants and stories. We have a wide range of quality musical instruments and also use body percussion and everyday objects as instruments. Children are able to participate at their own level and are encouraged to be creative and imaginative. Our highly trained staff are able to compose and arrange music around your child’s interest to create a holistic approach to their learning.

Tell me, I forget, show me, I remember, involve me, I understand.
Carl Orff

Visual Art / Technology – Art Appreciation

Each day the specialised Art room is set up with a range of Art resources for your child to explore including tactile media. Children at Melodies are able to be involved in Art Appreciation experiences where they create artworks based on, styles and media of well known artists or interests that children have been exploring during the week.

Children explore an extensive range of materials, texture and colour to create a range of artworks. These experiences enhance children's fine motor development, creativity and self expression, as well as developing awareness of what they see and do as inspiration for their artworks.